Sometimes marriages don’t start off on the right path and are better off ended sooner than later. Filing for an annulment of the marriage is an option for those looking to avoid lengthy divorce proceedings.

There is a distinct difference between a religious annulment and a civil annulment that legally ends the marriage. However, there are specific reasons or situations that must apply before an Arizona court will consider an annulment.

Here are some of the possible situations that can lead to a legal annulment:

• Misrepresentation or fraud
• Lack of physical or mental capacity for marriage
• Intoxication at the time of marriage
• Failure to obtain proper marriage license
• Blood relationship between spouses
• One of the parties was already married
• Underage at the time of marriage
• Misrepresentation of religion
• Immigration status

At Crider Law, we can work with you to end your marriage through annulment. Brad Crider is experienced at working with individuals and couples through separation, divorce or annulment. Even though it may be easier than a divorce, filing for an annulment is not always the answer for everyone. It’s important that you discuss your case and your options with an experienced family attorney such as Brad Crider.

As with any dissolution of marriage, there can be financial and custodial implications involved. You may only get one chance to get it right, so it’s very important that you work with an experienced attorney. You should work with an attorney who will guide you effectively through each stage of the annulment process; from filing paperwork to written statements and even providing testimony to the court in some instances.

If your marriage is coming to an end, call Crider Law today to set up a free consultation. Let’s discuss the details of your case and work together on filing for a civil Arizona annulment.