Division of Marital Property

Arizona is a community property state, which means that any assets, wages and earnings acquired during a marriage are considered to be owned by both parties at the time of divorce. The laws of Arizona state that, unless couples agree differently, marital property will be divided equally. This is also true of any debt incurred during the tie of marriage.

In some cases, there might be some property that could be considered to be owned by just one of the parties involved. This could include the following:

  • Property owned by one of the party’s involved before the marriage
  • Property received as a gift by one of the party’s
  • Property received through a will or inheritance

In some cases, the husband and wife involved can come to an agreement on their own when deciding how to divide assets. For others, it can be a fight. In any case, it’s a good idea to have an experienced family attorney working with you at the time of property division. Mesa attorney Brad Crider has the experience to represent you at the time of your divorce and protect your interests when it comes to division of property.

Assets and properties acquired during marriage might include:

  • Real estate
  • 401(k)s and any other retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Property held out of state
  • Private possessions
  • Businesses

Crider Law understands that the division of marital property can be one of the more complex and emotionally draining aspects of any divorce. We’re ready to stand in your corner and offer our expertise and knowledge to help you see the best possible outcome.

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