Divorce With Children

Perhaps the most important determination made during the divorce process is the one regarding the custody of any children involved. When facing a divorce where children are involved, it’s critical to have a Family Attorney on your side to ensure you receive the fairest outcome.

In Arizona, the court will award child custody in accordance with the best interests of the child. These best interests can include the following:

  • Preference of the child
  • Preference of the parents
  • Current relationship of child with both parents
  • Nature of relationship between parents, siblings and other significant individuals
  • Child’s ability to adjust to new surroundings at home, school and community

Because Arizona courts want to create the best possible environment for the children involved in the divorce, they are careful to consider other aspects of the parent’s backgrounds such as criminal records, past convictions, reports of abuse or neglect, and/or false reports of abuse by the other parent. Judges are also sensitive to any coercion or duress placed on children by either parent during the process.

Having an experienced attorney working for you can have a huge impact on how the court views your parenting capabilities and desires. Brad Crider has just such experience and will represent you fairly and aggressively when it comes to the custody of your children. Relying on his knowledge of the law, Brad will work with you to develop the right plan to get the right message across to the courts.

Don’t leave the custody of your children up to chance. Divorce when children are involved can be complicated if you don’t have the right attorney by your side. Give Crider Law a call today to set up a consultation.