Divorce Decrees

Once a court has completed the steps and process necessary to dissolve a marriage, a divorce decree will be issued. The divorce decree will cover all of the details involved in the divorce including such things as child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and the division of assets and debts.

It’s often helpful to sit down and review the divorce decree with the family law attorney you’ve been working with to ensure everything looks right. Your attorney will be able to explain the decree in detail and answer any questions you might have. Having an understanding of the divorce decree will help you prepare as you move forward after you divorce. It will also help you identify areas that may need to be re-visited or changed.

Mesa, Arizona family attorney Brad Crider makes it a point to take the time to review divorce decrees carefully with all of his clients. He’ll use his experience and knowledge to help explain clearly what is outlined in the decree. If there are areas in the decree that need to be appealed, Brad will advise his clients on what’s feasible and what strategies are required to make a case.

If you have any questions regarding your divorce decree or are seeking an aggressive family attorney to help you appeal your decree, give Crider Family Law a call today.