Divorce Without Children

In some cases, children or the custody of children are not a major consideration at the time of divorce. This could be because the marriage ends before children are part of the picture, or because the children involved are older and are of legal age themselves.

Some people are under the assumption that lawyers are only involved in a divorce when children are involved. Even without children, divorces can still be complicated and stressful. There are court filings, proceedings and proposals that still need to take place at specific times and at specific places. It’s still very important to have someone with experience on your side during your divorce.

Outside of child custody matters, there can be other important matters involved in a divorce, including the separation of marital debt and property. Having the right attorney can make a difference if either spouse involved in a divorce owns a business.

Divorce proceedings may end up taking less time and require less testimony when children are not involved, but they are no less significant. Crider Law strongly suggests you enlist the help of one who is familiar and comfortable with the legal aspects of divorce no matter what. Call today to discuss your case and set up your initial consultation with Family Attorney Brad Crider.