Non-Relative Adoptions

Adoptions are never easy. Even the most basic and simple situations may have unforeseen complications arise. The most common adoption scenarios seen in Arizona are Step-Parent/Relative, Non-Relative, and Adult. There are a number of specific legal steps that need to be taken in any of these scenarios.

In the case of a Non-Relative adoption, there are legal factors that can be exceedingly detailed and complicated. Crider Law has experience in these matters and can help with steps such as the termination of parental rights and the transition from biological parents to the adoptive family.

As with a child, each adoption case can be completely different from the next. Our goal at Crider Law is to help your adoption process go as smoothly as possible, avoiding unnecessary delays or unexpected obstacles.

To discuss the details of your adoption process with family attorney Brad Crider, give us a call today. We’ll schedule an initial consultation right away and get you the legal help you need.