Post-Divorce Modifications

Despite best efforts by the court and all parties involved in a divorce, there are bound to be specifics in the divorce decree that will need to be readdressed down the road. As circumstances change, including growing children, new jobs, and new living situations, the terms outlined in the original divorce decree may need to be modified.

When that happens, you can rely on Crider Law to help you. With his extensive background in family law, Mesa attorney Brad Crider knows the best processes when it comes to drafting, filing, and petitioning post-divorce modifications.

Why Are Modifications Necessary

Most of the modifications we see at Crider Law fall into one of two categories: situations have changed considerably for our client, or they were never satisfied with the original terms of the divorce. In either case, Brad Crider is there to help. Some of the scenarios that require a divorce modification include the following:

  • Increase in child support
  • Request for change in child support payments due to change in income
  • Re-evaluation of parenting time or child custody rights
  • Change to spousal maintenance payments
  • Address obligations that aren’t being met
  • Relocation to another city or state that affects child visitation

Get Support – Get Results

We often see situations where the two parties involved in a divorce settle on verbal agreements outside of court. This can lead to unfair situations when one party doesn’t meet their end of the bargain. Don’t take that risk. Seek the professional legal help you need by hiring an attorney that will ensure you are taken care of. Crider Law will take the steps necessary to have any divorce modification approved and legally enforced by the court.

Call us today to set up your initial consultation. We’ll review the details of your case and put together the best course of action so that you see results sooner than later.