Temporary Orders (while a divorce is pending)

Because divorces can take time to complete, it sometimes becomes necessary to request temporary orders that can dictate how parties involved should conduct themselves through the divorce proceedings. Either party involved can request temporary orders. Some of the most common requests include the following:

  • An order to establish and enforce child custody during the divorce proceedings
  • An order to establish visitation arrangements during the divorce proceedings
  • Restraining order to prevent one spouse from contacting the other
  • An order prohibiting the sale of assets or properties, including homes, vehicles, etc.
  • An order to establish the possession of specific properties or assets, including the family home of family vehicle

Based on the length of the divorce proceedings, these temporary orders may be modified. Once a divorce is finalized, the temporary orders are no longer maintained.

Crider Law can help you file requests for temporary orders. As we work with our clients through their divorces, we can advise and suggest temporary orders that will make sense to the parties involved as well as the court. Family law attorney Brad Crider is familiar with the process and is ready to help you in your case.

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