Work-Life Balance

When you are going through a divorce, your personal life is often very unstable. It can be difficult to balance your emotional and physical well-being while maintaining your reputation as a business professional and a responsible parent. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by your added responsibilities, here are some tips to maintain the balance between your personal and professional life and avoid jeopardizing your career.

Keep it Private

While you may want to vent to co-workers about your frustrations, it really won’t help in the long run. If anything, it will only distract you and your co-workers from the work that needs to be done. Sharing your personal life with close friends is encouraged, but the workplace is not the appropriate setting to discuss your divorce. You should however talk to your boss privately to explain that while you are going through a personal matter, it will not affect your work ethic or your attitude in the workplace. Your boss can then help hold you accountable to that commitment.


Do your best to keep work at work and your personal life at home. Try not to make personal calls to your lawyer or your ex while at the office. Likewise, try not to run reports and make business calls while at home. Staying focused on your job while at work will increase your productivity and might even give you more time to take care of personal matters after hours. When you walk into the office, leave your personal problems at the door. You can pick them up when you leave for the day.

Use Time Off Wisely

You may have to take some time off to attend court hearings or pick up your children from various activities. The divorce process can take up to a year to finalize, so save those sick and vacation days for times when you need to take care of divorce matters. Working as much as you can during this time period will help keep your mind off the grief. It will also ensure you have more income to take care of yourself and your children.

Take Care of Yourself

The emotional turmoil of divorce can often lead to a lack of motivation. It is important that you keep up healthy habits such as proper diet and exercise, hygiene and housekeeping, and household budgeting. Staying on top of these things will prevent you from quickly becoming overwhelmed with your responsibilities in the home. Get enough sleep so you have enough energy to function well at work.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have a little fun. Cherish the time you get to spend with your children and make time for friends and family on the weekends. Occasionally reward yourself with “you-time” by doing something you love.

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